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  1. Thanks for your report! It will be fixed in the next client. If you see any other bugs with cosmetics, please let us know!
  2. By the way, I'm very happy to see you are enjoying the mount.
  3. Hello Alixx7, thank you for your feedback. The bug has been reported. For the "you can't see your characters face" problem. Well... There's nothing I can do really. Even if I tried to make the pokemon a little bit smaller, it would still hide the character in front view if I wanna keep the pokemon's proportion. Otherwise it would look like Ditto just so you can see its face. And I agree, Volcanion is a weird pokemon. Not everyone will like it. However, the pokemon is literally a tank/robot based. It has canes connecting his body and a very geometric shape, just like a robot. Some people l
  4. Hello, I'm a new artist and some of my sprites were released with the recent client update, including the Volcanion Mount. I've seen a bunch of people disliking it, and I don't blame them. I listed the main complaints from you about the mount: - The colors were off. - You can't see your character's face when riding the mount in front view. - The size of its head is too small compared to the body. Before I explain the process and the issues, I would like to say I was requested to do this mount in 1 day. I didn't have too much time to plan, add details and adjust the proportion. Anyway
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