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  1. Allow another chance to catch Zacian/Zamazenta since the catch times were ridiculous for players in EST timezones. We only really had one chance to try and catch them (8am GMT = 4am EST which is ridiculous) and that chance was still in the mid of a work day (8pm GMT = 4pm EST). Allow another chance with a decent timeframe with our timezones in mind. Do a better job with events like this in the future.
  2. Yeah? About 25% rate good luck? That's great! Its what's expected... Thanks for your input...
  3. Just finished my BMS with a whopping, drum roll please... 4/60 ha rate!... how is that even possible without it bugging out?!? I was literally farming as if I didn't have one active!!.. Of all my time playing this game and using BMS', I've NEVER experienced anything like this and to anyone claiming "bad rng" or "bad luck", there's no way for that much of a discrepancy without anything else being up... ABSOLUTE WASTE!
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