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  1. Okay.. I have been trying a lot though.. can't count now how many times i've tried haha. Server Blue is at least showing the queue but Red wont work still at all.. that's where my character is =/ ah well. :Ambivalent:
  2. PRO Username: ArmorOfFai Do you have active membership?: Yes Your knowledge about PRO: Beginner What have you done before the problem was there? I just turned on my computer a little while ago, then when I try to start the game up it says that it could not connect to the server (server Red) What have you already tried to solve the problem? I have tried restarting the game but that did not work. Description and Message Hello, for some odd reason I am unable to get connected to the game. Not sure what is going on. Everytime I try to sign into the Red server, it says that the connec
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