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  1. Hello there, I would like to suggest new battle music for bosses. Battle Music for bosses to make players feel that it is different from normal battles. P.S. Sorry for my poor English Skills.
  2. The "Battle Music" has become repetitive and tiresome to listen. How about different Battle Music for each region? I want to hear your opinions about it... P.S. I'm very sorry about my poor English skills.
  3. Can you guys give my any tips on mapping? Thanks.
  4. While I was battling Erika(Boss) in Medium, I tried using Max Revive on my fainted pokemon but it didn't work and says, "Your Pokemon has fainted." So, I tried using some moves instead and it says, "Lukasedelmann used Max Revive on Gyarados." But, it didn't Max Revive my Pokemon. Then, it says "Infernape used Fire Blast on Volcarona." Anyone knows what's going on?
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