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  1. soo my friend just told me there is and exact hour when u put your mouse on time , @Lyn1311 u won with 1.6 bid at 2.50 am , Bumbleb bid at 3.33am soo 33mins after time was over
  2. countdown was set to 3:00 am UK time because as well at start of auction I couldnt see exact time hopefully u update forum to dont have situation like this.
  3. Ill need mod here because there is no time stamps. Even if auction should finish there is 15mins after last bid rule and I cant see when that was because there is no time it just says "1-2h ago" soo I got no clue what to do now
  4. Today auction: Starting offer : 1m Min bid : 100k No insta Accepting: Pokedollars // cc(400k) // nature rr (350k) // iv rr (700k) 48h after start! GL Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/vacation?iso=20211012T03&p0=90&font=cursive
  5. Thank you. I'm adding countdown auction will finish 5th of October 12:30 pm GMT+1
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