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  1. Starting bid: 600k Min bid: 50k No insta Ends 48h after start CC=360k Ends 02/09/22 19:26 GMT+2 IGN: Masternaca
  2. @Demonslayer18 you win Eevee 1!
  3. Auctioning these 4 Eevees with the same set of rules applying to all of them: -Starting bid: 10k -Min bid: 10k -No insta -Auction ends 24h after starting bid Also; Make sure you indicate which Eevee you're bidding for. I will try to update the c.o. in the post after each bid, but I advise checking the comments before placing a bid. I take CC as 360k. Enjoy bidding! Eevee 1 Ends: 27/08/22 00:10 GMT+2 C.O. 200k by Demonslayer18 Eevee 2 Ends: 26/08/22 20:33 GMT+2 SOLD Eevee 3 Ends: 27/08/22 04:28 GMT+2 C.O. 30k by Th0maszz Eevee 4 Ends: 26/08/22 20:38 GMT+2 SOLD IGN: Masternaca
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