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  1. I've looked up video guides and I have seen the screen shot with all of the locations circled in. I've gone through the map a dozen times. I'm entirely convinced I've bugged and I'm stuck. Gold Server Juha
  2. Server Gold Poke ID 39279115 Please help and thank you
  3. Earlier today my pinsir that I use to false swipe randomly disappeared. What ever, taught false swipe to a mawile I had. Now, all of a sudden, my Cresselia I had just caught is just GONE. Please help me figure this out. *update, Pinsir just randomly showed up in my party again, REMOVING THE KYUREM I HAD JUST CAUGHT **update; Cress is back...stil no kyurem..the only one whom havent taken a screen shot for so far unfortunately ***update; put everything in the box and pulled out a random diglett. Relogged. The digglet was replaced with Kyurem. WHAT? ****update; digle
  4. It seems when Solosis used skill swap in battle while I was attempting to catch it the ability remained perm. Is this a bug? I took this Solosis into battle with a grimer and stole Stench. It now currently still has it, even after the battle. edit: relog fixes issue. Possibly abusable.
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