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  1. And how can i work with the incomplete guide later? And also how to delete quote and spoiler if i clicked quote mistakenly? And thanks for replying.
  2. How can you guys make a big guide? What if I haven't finished my guide a day? What should i do in this case? I can't understand these things and also i can't understand how to make signature even after seeing the answer in a post because he posted some pictures and these pictures are fake. So, can someone please help me?
  3. I already said that they will not be catchable, it means they are too strong. Also thet will have no status effect, any move like protect endeavor will failed if user uses this. Sorry for forgeting this to say.
  4. I found a good suggestion for any mmorpg in reddit. The suggestion is- What if we can hunt legendaries (more than bst 600) but can't catch them? They will be spawned by server every six or twelve our a day. They will have huge life/hp (like 100000000) and will not be catchable (even after using master balls) and killable at one encounter (because of their huge hp). Raid boss will end if it dies (if someone is battling but others have already killed it, the players will be able to battle but it will not be counted). It will be spawned randomly in the map (if it is spawned in hoenn,
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