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  1. thanks, it worked
  2. hi, I went to challenge red on Mt. Silver summit and I ignored the raikou on the way in meaning i never chalenged it... Red deafeted me and on the way back Raikou was gone... Is it a bug or a normal occuring ? if it is normal where can i get its pokédex entry? Thanks in advance
  3. thanks for the follow up, I just didn't have luck to encounter a dragonair while fishing because the client didn't transmit my movement before I used the rod.... It was Lag. Thanks for your answers
  4. i'm sorry, i don't have a screen recorder but i have step by step screenshots but since they are tier 7 encounter, it might take a while
  5. I used the super rod.
  6. Hi, It seems that I cannot encounter fishing only pokémons because when I fish it rolls the surface encounters (even on land). e.g. in the dragon den, I encountered a dragonair while fishing on land when it is only encounterable while surfing but I never encountered any fishing only pokémons. I don't know how it happened. Does any of you know how to fix it?
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