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  1. Hey bro it been more then 24 hours. @gordon1228
  2. Hey bro pm when u online. @gordon1228
  3. s.o 100k bid 50k insta 600k. auction last 24h after first bid
  4. Omg. My phone won't allow me to upload ss. Ferrothorn has been sold for 4 x iv rr and 1 cc + 50k cash. @K3ns3i could u please confirm that you received ferrothorn
  5. Met gross is sold. Ferrothorn current offer 2.1m
  6. METAGROSS current offer @cyanirl = 500k starter S.O 500K MIN BID 100K ACCEPT CC @ 450K EA, IV RR @ 700K AUCTION ENDS 12 HOURS AFTER BID ============================================================================================================================= FERROTHORN current offer @Devilingz = 1.5m starter S.O 1.5M BID 100K ACCEPT CC @ 450K EA IV RR @ 700K AUCTION ENDS 24 HOURS AFTER FIRST BID ============================================================================================================================= ***********ITEMS NOT INCLUDED***********
  7. OKAY THANK YOU BRO. SORRY I FORGOT ABOUT THAT. My previous comment is my start. ty
  8. veterans from top 25, get a special quest, example as boss brock says u beat my lvl 100 onix with a lvl 5 pikachu. make it more challenging for veterans and give us noobs a better chance of winning
  9. @Mourad hi there, in aprox 20 -30 min when auction ends, admin will force trade. as i have made an error in previous auction im currently trade banned, sorry for inconvenience, admin might as u to log out, im unsure if will or if you are offline please check your box if few hours thank you for your bid bro!!
  10. @Polteageist please advise on my auction were I stated 24 after seconded bid, I've read the rules 3 times again, and unsure of were that rule is stated, to my understanding it states end time must be set before auction begins. please don't think I'm challenging you or even remotely trying to be cleaver(wise A**), I would like to ensure that I never make the same mistake again thank you.
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