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  1. Plz add me on discord ilaytzz#4135 or in game unfrosted
  2. s.o 3m min bid 250k insta: 6m auction is over after 48 hours after first bid accept cc: 380k rr: 700k my discord: ilaytzz#4135 offer here or in game
  3. WTB loppuny pm me in game: unfrosted or in discord ilaytzz#4135
  4. @MadeinBrazil won pm me in game or in discord ilaytzz#4135
  5. auction started and will be over in 24 hours unless insta is met.
  6. s.o 350k min bid 100k insta 1.5m accpet : cc as 380k & pokedollars auction over 24 hours after first bid
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