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  1. Hey there it's good if you guys add a sound effect when we find a pvp match . During events and all q is freaking dead for which we have to wait like 10min so I watch TV to pass time but idk when I will get match fixed so will be really good if u guys do this
  2. Hollow Mask 300k Riceball 150k Bun 150k Lollipop Tangerine 150k Hw dilettante outfit green 100k Bubble gum green 150k
  3. Ditto+Slowking(sassy) for 500k?
  4. Go to dashboard then 3 lines u will see server transfer option there
  5. I can wait I have a lot of patience I waited 2months for 1 reply from a Staff But Iam thinking about my money getting waste
  6. As we all know we are unable to download pro in Android devices . I used my exp boost and after 3hrs update came and more 5hrs it will be 36hrs+ will past and we can use it for 72hrs half of the time gon and it's your fault 1 exp boost take 20 coins and it's like RS150+ INR it's a lot money
  7. Wtb calm tenta from untrained 150k section can be 100k?
  8. Hello there if anyone do dex service Need jhoto and hoenn pkms for dex
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