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    Pokemon uno

    Here's my suggestion Why not add a pokemon uno at the game corner Here are the rules 1 The first player to lose all of their cards wins 2 each player pulls 8 cards from the deck at the start You can only take from the deck if you have nothing For example "the enemy puts a brown eevee number 4 but you don't have a yellow card or an eevee number 4" you can pull from the deck 2 times if you get nothing you don't do anything on the turn 3 you can put regular cards, and cards that swaps the turn loop only if the card the enemy put and the card matches the color or number/ the same symbol Now to move on the cards Regular cards Eevee numbers 1-10 color brown Pikachu numbers 1-10 Color yellow Psyduck Numbers 1-10 Color purple Onix Numbers 1-10 Color gray Swap cards Porygon z Color gray Swaps the turn line up Alakazam Color purple Swaps the turn line up Special effect cards Arcues Allows you to swap the card just placed by your enemy by the last Garatina Allows you to look at 2 random cards of the enemy for a short amount of time Gardevoir Gives you 1 random card that you played back Gallade Discards 2 of your cards you can choose which ones to remove Lunatone /solrock Adds two cards for your enemy Note: boost cards can be placed at any card
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