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  1. It has nothing to do with antivirus i seem to have found the solutio. idk why after a while the Pokemon Exe is removed and i have to redownload but, i extracted it in the download folder. and for that it would not work. even tho i am administrator it would not let me unpack there. So i made a new Folder on desktop and it works. Still after 2 or 3 uses of the game i have to redownload another zipfile.
  2. So lets make this one quick please. The actual Game File (pokeball icon file) keeps disappearing in my Folder after i close the game. I had to redownlod the last couple times to play. but now what happens is, whenever i download it it tells me i don t have permission to. So either you guys changed the Permissions in the downloadable file ir idk. Bc on my pc i am the administrator. i checked my persission and everything in the zip is ticked. So i need help. I tried google but those "Solutions" are bogus to say the least. Some of the solutions end in the middle of nowhere. Please help Thank you PS: Windows 10
  3. nah he changed the Date of the auction the auction ended yesterday 6pm. I am kinda Fed up with this whole thing too. Last Acution i participated in for sure. Can t reach anyone to help me and someone can simpy change the time? i know that it ended yesterday bc we live in the same timezone. And i set an alarm for tht date and kept checking. I don t know why i am going after this anymore. at this point i am so fed up i don t want it anymore. but i won it fair and square. From my point this is over.
  4. the auction time is already over. i won @Manbat i have an odd feeling about this could u help out please? Contact me ingame or something? i am on the silver Server but he is just not responding or online.
  5. when can i get the growlithe hw edition?
  6. I offer 50k for Growlithe as already messaged via pm.
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