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  1. Auctions finished with Coronatica winning the Gastly and Master0fPuppets winning the Haunter. Contact me ingame for your pokemon.
  2. Gastly started at 300k by Coronatica. Timer set to aprox 48 hours from his post.
  3. ACCEPTING CURRENCIES: CC: 350K REROLL: 700K RC: 7K AUCTIONS: FROAKIE START: 1M INSTA: 4M C.O.: - FINISH: 48H After start HAUNTER HP ICE START: 500K INSTA: 2M C.O.: Master0fPuppets 550K FINISH: Finished GASTLY START: 300K INSTA: 1M C.O.: Coronatica 600K FINISH: Finished 40K EACH:
  4. Sure PM me ingame or on discord whenever you're available.
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