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  1. The Auction has Ended. Winner ''coronatica'' @ 3.2m.
  2. i dont really care, i will just keep it for myself and train him.
  3. The Pokémon will not be trained, And with a heavy wind , The time continues ticking and if anyone has problems with my post, I would like a moderator to tell me first. I am not going to change any words from my post for anyone.
  4. Hello trainers, im auctioning a godly froakie (Spd 31, SpAtk 30)^^ Payment options: Pokedollars, cc [400k], Reroll [700k] SOLD!
  5. I am really sorry that i forgot to upload the screenshot ,my mentor. I thought i did but it was my mistake, I am sorry again. The screenshot has been uploaded with this post as an attachment.
  6. I want to auction my toad. C.o : 3m insta. : 8m time. : 48 hours min rise bid : 200k accpt. : CC(400k)reroll ticket(700k) GL guys Note : I can reject the offer in last moment if i dont like the final offer and cancel the auction,
  7. Name Change legendarylord change into: WhiteHockey Server: Silver
  8. Start Offer - 300k, Insta - 1m Auction will start the moment someone starts the bid and end in 24 hours. I have got all the rights to cancel the auction if i dont get satisfied with the offer.
  9. Bid starts 300k , Insta 1m. Clocks: 24 hours. 24 hours.
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