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  1. Re: || Striders || Blue server guild || International|| <r>1. IGN: Nobravado<br/> 2. Darkrai/Lickitung<br/> 3. Contributor to Pro team, as an illustrator or a map editor/sprite creator :3 And eventually, pvp.<br/> 4. Over 120+ hours on yellow which is where i started, made new account on blue because of it's better population. As you can see on my current card, i have no intentions of leaving the game anytime soon.<br/> 5. Age: 21<br/> 6. WIP, lookin' for godlike IV pokemon.<br/> 7. <IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/IDIUfiO.jpg"><s><
  2. IGN: Nobravado Looking for an inv, tried asking your guild and nobodys online, lead to believe you're super inactive :(
  3. Would like to join guild, have over 100 hours played on a diff server and starting new on blue. I tried asking guild staff but not a single person is online..??? Sounds like the guild is unactive? IGN: Nobravado
  4. NPC Name: Nobravado Battle NPC Starting Dialogue: "Ah--Hey, you! Mind battling with me? I'm having a hard time deciding what I want for Christmas and I'm just full of excitement! And, well.. Anxiety. My family keeps asking me what I want but I haven't decided yet, and I'm afraid when I do, they won't have the funds or means to get it. Maybe this will help me cope with the pressure? Losing Dialogue: Hahaha, thanks for your time! That got me thinking.. I'll just ask them to give me gift cards or cash so I can use them for when something does come up. That's a whole lot easier, do
  5. I've been on and off for about a year now and I'm wondering if there is any news about Darkrai finally being released as a catchable pokemon? Or an event thing etc? I don't know very much about the game and wondered if anybody knew anything or has a clue about when you think he might be added and for what or during what time? I noticed very few mythical are in fact in game so I just assumed maybe someone does have plans for him eventually? Just curious. Any speculation is appreciated! :Light: :thanks:
  6. What? I have to be a member? What a waste of time attempting to find my way my self.. :Bored: Great guide though.
  7. Here, so i found this new video last night, (NOT MINE) just some guy very dedicated and up to date on it and i realized we don't have this in game, yet?.. This is not at all necessary to add in game, just a suggestion, but i would actually enjoy it if someone made this a small project and added it in game for all those people like me who like noticing the big and small differences in some Pokemon. Let's be honest, half of us would take one thing over another just because of the way it looks, right? :Light: [bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo] So sorry if this has already been suggested--rip.
  8. I'm assuming it's lvl 75-100 because of Hyper Beam, but that's current generation upon lvl up. Note: i can't see Dragonair's pokedex in game before 3rd gym. Can anybody confirm this? And if anybody can confirm what would happen if i somehow defeat it? Would i break the system of would i earn something? Easter egg? New dialog? Or die anyway? Any ideas? General curiosity.
  9. Here https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=34964 and no requirement badge also. When you talk done, it will give you some items and then disappear. After around cooldown days, it will reappear, don't worry If that was the case than i wouldn't have made this post. I didn't get anything and he hasn't confirmed you don't need a badge. Still getting the "Need a badge" issue.
  10. I understand Pokestop is prolly still a WIP but that's still debatable. SO, does anybody happen to know how many or just what badges you need to actually gain anything from talking to the NPC's? I'm asking because I don't want to make the same mistake on Yellow server and have him disappear for a full week with nothing in return but disappointment. I looked everywhere and haven't gotten a straight answer yet since it's still new. So I made this post in hopes of getting one since the main post hasn't been updated yet.
  11. I'll be honest, I agree with this post. Who knows how to do pixel art? HIRE 'EM. HIRE MORE, PLS! But pls,tyt.. This is a community game. I'D PROLLY PAY TO SEE SOME QUALITY FLAME WHEEL PARTICLES/ANIMATIONS.
  12. Would be real helpful if we knew what Badges were needed to get the items. It's real inconvenient for those of us still trying to figure out what he's suppose to be as a new or returning player encountering at low badge lvls and then finding out he disappears for a full week while gaining nothing in return.
  13. I"VE BEEN LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE THE WHOLE TIME WHYYYY. False information. Ugh, ty anyway guys. Now i know. And theres no way i can get it... just get the fourth badge , ill try to get u one later It's all alright, just knowing where it moved was the most important part.
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