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  1. And girls. ;) Yeah. They exist. People on Discord will already know that I've left PRO, so I thought I'd make a quick post just to let you know why and what happens from here. I just don't have the time. I've been more and more inactive over recent months -since Tournament ended really, I had a lot of real life changes going on, such as moving home following an end to honestly, a not-so-spectacular relationship. I've also had a couple health problems, and have started a new job - which is the main culprit for the lack of time. That being said, I did promise to introduce some new cloa
  2. Please check the last two pokemon in your box.
  3. Actually.. that's a really good idea. I'll ask Shane if it's codeable. :3 I don't think the teamview idea is implementable though.
  4. :3 I did apologise, and sorry again. But like I said, I do need Players to understand how strongly I feel about this. I don't think it would have caught your attention and got you to actually read what I was saying if I didn't, since I know it was long. Most people would skip it if there was no drama or "oooo why did this happen". XD But like I said, no changes will be made to Staff pokes. What I'd like Players to do moving forward, is come up with things we can give you. Again, I can do tournaments, to increase opportunities offered to gain unique Pokes. I'm also working on a full ne
  5. Re: Staff spawned monsters in ranked PvP <r><QUOTE author="PreHax"><s> </e></QUOTE> The overall hate towards staff is ridiculous <B><s></s>and this is coming from me who rarely agrees what staff say.<e></e></B><e> </e></QUOTE> Yeeee.. about that. PM me on Discord some time I need to speak to you about it.</r>
  6. Re: Staff spawned monsters in ranked PvP <r>I'm going to share my thoughts on the situation, as this is something I have come back to after an absence from PRO, as I have been working a lot (will continue to be relatively inactive, off topic, just so you know).<br/> <br/> I'm going to be absolutely brutally honest, and repeat what I have just said to Staff, when I heard of the potential changes that were going to be made to Staff Pokemon in PvP.<br/> <br/> My general answer, no. Absolutely fucking not. Excuse my language, but I do feel VERY passionate about
  7. Also, be nice to each other. It's a discussion, not an argument. Everyone's thoughts are valid. If something isn't implementable for whatever reason, please let a member of Staff say it, for the sake of preventing arguments. There's no need for speculation from Players as you wouldn't know the full extent of the situation to be able to provide that feedback accurately. :Shy:
  8. Just to make note - a vast number of these changes will require discussion, therefore please don't get too excited for the next update, these changes will probably miss the next one. :3 Cloaks are on their way though. Also again, none of these changes are set in stone, and are still a discussion. So, after reading your suggestions, these are the following ideas I have and would like to present to Shane: #1 Individual Reward, only available to those who reach this spot. In addition to receiving the same as prizes awarded to those in Top 25. #2-10 PvP Related Items that can only be obtain
  9. Maybe I could try to introduce something tiered, like Tournament rewards were. #1 Individual Reward, only available to those who reach this spot. In addition to receiving the same as prizes awarded to those in Top 25. #2-10 PvP Related Items that can only be obtained via the ladder -> potentially new cloak colours etc? #11-25 The usual. In terms of guild rewards, this is a bit harder cause there's guild members who would benefit from guild based rewards without even being involved in PvP at all - the point is to benefit those who actually PvP so this might require a little bit more th
  10. Because of Staff numbers and things like this, the closest I may be able to get to this is multiple cloak colours and let people choose. :3 Btw how do we feel about pink cloaks? :Crazy:
  11. First things first I would like to make you aware that this is a much less formal, and more of a chatty post - please don't take anything in this post as gospel, as it may be subject to change depending on varying factors such as time I have to donate towards it and so on. PvP as we all know is a huge part of PRO's end-game for a number of Players. The problem we have at the moment is that the vast majority of seasoned RPvP Players have obtained all possible rewards, and at this point in time, the value of PvP Coins has deflated - the 500 PvP Coin Reward seems like nothing to what it was
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