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  1. Yea if the maps changes it has to be adjusted. But if it is only a small change, like a new npc, it can be done quite fast because I have the hole map and only have to change a small part of it. It can be sure, maybe I need then a report function so that the community can help out if data has changed.
  2. I would be very happy to receive some feedback on the new update. I hope one or the other might find a few minutes.
  3. A Video Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SoFwT_U9uw
  4. Ah that's good to know, I didn't even notice it in the settings.
  5. Yea i can see that plus you have to w8 for the right time ingame or you have all night maps
  6. Thx i hope i can find a bit more time on the weekend maybe a first version with some more Data.
  7. Hi everyone, in 2016 I started with PRO and it was fun, as Pokémon was back in the 90s. Back then I had an Idea of an Online Web-Browser Map where you can navigate through the maps and see what Pokémon are on there, maybe items what NPC and there Pokémon etc. I am a Software Developer myself but more on the Backend side with Databases and API's not so much with UX/UI. I tried back then to create something, but unfortunately I quit playing, and the Idea was gone. Now I enjoy playing Pokémon more and more again. But the big Problem I don't know the new Map's very well (Hoenn/Sinnoh) and the idea of an online map came pack. So here is my Idea its more visual and only a small local Project so way off of a finished version and what it could be. But let me know what you think: https://ibb.co/jWMZ9Y5 https://ibb.co/XWDVRyz A short explanation the colored boxes serve as navigation. The right side is intended for Pokemon in the zone, NPC and possibly items or headbut. The big Problem with this Project is to get the Maps because I have to make a lot of screenshots and merch them together. Which would be a big turn off in the long run. UPDATE (19.06.2021) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SoFwT_U9uw LG CTekk
  8. Looking for Money ;-) got 2 left LG CTekk
  9. thats maybe a very good idea maybe i can get one too ;-) ^^
  10. i don´t think so. i had a Time limit form RL so i decided only the 8 gyms and one to lvl 100.
  11. So i wirte more when i am back home only. A lot of people ask if i use MS or EXP-Bost. No i didn´t. Now i have to take a brake but have fun tu catch up :-) i know there wehre some behind me ...
  12. So update, i continued with the story and beat the next gym´s. After the 4th i went back and then he have reset. So maybe he has a 2h timer, but not longer then 4,5h. Hope it help someone that have the same Question. LG CTekk
  13. I talk to him in 2h and we will see ^^ LG CTekk
  14. Hi JollyolNathan, thy for the fast answer. It´s a little bummer, but ok then i left the quest open and come back with my LvL 100 Pokemon ... Maybe he sould have a 2h timer like the Karate guy (i think his name was PO) in Rustboro City. An then no EP and no Money. But hey i don´t make this game ;-). LG CTekk
  15. PRO Username: CTekk Have you looked at the FAQ to solve your issue?: No On which server issue happened: BLUE What have you done before the problem was there? What have you already tried to solve the problem? - Talk to the Mum again - Talk to the Son Devin again - Reboot the game Description and Message Hi there, The quest was the mum (Mrs. Lita) in Rustboro City. She ask me to bring Back her 3 son´s. The first 2 where no Problem. After i found the 3 one (Devin), i try to beat him. Unlucky i lost. After that i try to LvL my Pokemon more and ask him back. Now he says only: "Can´t you see I´m still practising my cycling skill?" "You couldn´t even beat me in our last battle ..." The mum says: "Have you found all of them? i rally miss them ..." "Even though thy´re naughty, they´re still my boys ..." So have i now wait a week to fight him again or what have i to do ? In a week i may be out or Hoenn, so i think that should be not the plan of this quest ? Thx for help CTekk
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