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  1. Okay give it still any good team for most of the bosses for Medium?
  2. Hello, i´ve just startet to play Pro again and now saw often in the Trade chat something with sharpedo for Boss Team. Maybe somebody can explain me how it works and with pokemon you need for the boss team Many Thanks
  3. Thank you there it is now ... I got my Celebi now but i think in freedom it would be better ^^
  4. Hi Guys not sure if i am on the right forum but i can´t find suicune in Tohjo Falls i fight already against Entai and Raikou but Suicune is not on his place... Pls help me.
  5. Hi, i don´t know if this the right Forum for this but maybe you can help me? Where can i find a Chimchar, i want to have this but have no idea where it´s lives. Thanks 19Chris95
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