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  1. Same ;=; im crying, i hate this game jk i love this game ♥
  2. Waaaazzuuuup guyz Im looking for a guild! (- ah Serious? no way) Yeaaah, so i already got 5 badges... i still have no money and good pokemons, but i have a lot of free time and im a good boy <3 How can u see my english is not good, but whatever, i hope u understand me ;=;
  3. Falcoonn

    Shak's shop

    Thank u a lot bro <3
  4. Falcoonn

    Shak's shop

    Hello Sir, congrats!! I appreciate ur work, unfortunately i cant donate <///3 mb btw I would like to request a signature. Text: Blue Falcon Pokemon in it: Articuno
  5. i also try to do something, but im so exciting to play pro lol
  6. yeah bro, ur a lucky guy XD im waiting for a 30m o..o
  7. Tell me pls, how much do u hate the freaking queue time.... Me:
  8. Articuno of course, cuz hes a blue bird ♥
  9. Welcome to PRO buddy!! I hope u enjoy. If ur playing on Blue server, tell me ur id please ^3^
  10. Come to blue, lets play together XD im a beginner too ;=; btw welcome to pro!
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