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  1. Klefki, Yamask and Porygon trace abi sold to grizz1612 for 100k,120k, 80k=300k in total. Porygon download sold to L7ck for 60k. pm me ingame/discord for the trade
  2. these 2 added 15min extra time, klefki sold to grizz1612, porygon download abi sold to L7ck
  3. Auction 4 mons seperately depend on their start offer. Last 24hours after first offer. Accept cc 380k, rr ticket 500k. Link for time countdown for all 4 mons : https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/4789354/my-countdown S.o 10k Min bid 10k Insta 500k. S.o 10k Min bid 10k Insta 380k S.o 10k Min bid 10k Insta 600k S.o 10k Min bid 10k Insta 700k
  4. Sold to @Elnaaz pm me in game/discord
  5. S.o 50k Min bid 50k insta 1m Accept cc 380k, rr 480k. 24hours after Start offer. https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/4779297/metang
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