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  1. IGN: Clearrose Server: RED Yay I finally finished my entery :) !!! I decided to draw decidueye :
  2. And here are some RE-Posts because Photobucket decided to go postal:
  3. Ok this is a image i did for JustLegend here on Pro:
  4. OK here is a new piece "Shiny Realistic Togekiss": Enjoy !!
  5. A new piece, I drew this one for my friend Peeko:
  6. Art is not always about your drawing skills, but about expression or statement. I consider this a great artistic statement, good job.
  7. HI I live in the USA and my favorite Pokemon is mew, because in it's dan is the building blocks for all pokemon. It is also flexible in battle depending on nature and IVs it can take own many roles within one's team. I need a new headset because my old skull candys broke when they were bumped and the jack that goes in the computer had broken in half. Now i have no head phones..... :( .
  8. I'm having this problem too....... :Shocked:
  9. Made this video to fill a gap, their seemed to be no video guides for this boss. So made one to help other who might need some guidance to defeat Nikola on Pokemon Revolution Online. I hope you find this helpful, and good luck PRO gamers.
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