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  1. New Best Offer 2.5m By Ailakien --- 2Hours Left Only!!!
  2. New Best Offer 2.3m By Diego1206 --- 2Hours and 20 Mins Left Only!!!
  3. New Best Offer 2.2m By Ailakien
  4. New Best Offer 2.1m By Sghir --- 12 Hours Left!!!!
  5. Accepted Items: PokeDollars CC = 400k Reroll Ticket = 700k Rare Candy = 5k HP Dragon SOLD TO AILAKIEN Insta : 5M Min Increase : 100k Auction Ends after 48 hours (7 February 8:00 AM GMT) GL Bidding
  6. Can Someone tell me why can't I reroll my Pokemons? When I talk to Psychic Marina She Just Says "I am on a call with my boyfriend, come back later.". I have tried in every region with different Legendries. I have Reroll Ticket in my bag and My Heatran in my party.
  7. Today i mistakenly release my Heatran. Is There any way I can get it back or is it gone forever? My Heatran Id was : 37301653 My Server is Gold.
  8. Accept CC = 370k Reroll Ticket = 670k 1 Start : 1m : Min Raise : 100k : Insta : TBA 2 Start : 1m : Min Raise : 100k : Insta : TBA Both Auctions Will End 24hrs After First Bid. GL Bidding.
  9. Username: Hasseeb373 Server: Gold Country/Timezone: Pakistan/ GMT+5
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