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  1. What's your Player name (IGN)? OkamiMane Number of hours played? 778.75 HRS Which server do you play on? Silver Server
  2. Hello, I'm returning player (after about 2 years away) I'm ready to enter Sinnoh and need a to join a guild on tthe Silver Server. I'm a wolf enthusiast and my favorite pokemon is Arcanine, I'm here for the experience (pve), not too keen on hunting or pvp.
  3. Good evening. I'm using an Android device. I had just won a battle and I pressed the find match button immediately before the battle screen vanished. The next opponent appeared but before I could select a move the battle screen disappeared. I talked to the opponent and the guy says he still sees me active in the battle. I was unable to speak NPCs and when I logged out I received the 45 minutes penilty wrongfully. I have a video of most of the above I'll upload here. Pease review same This is a reoccurring issue. Thank you for your time. [bbvideo=560,315]https://youtu.be/s-hz6XLNgqQ[/bbvideo]
  4. I have access to the daycare now. Through I had to defeat the boss first. Brock appeared after about 3 days. Thank you for your help. I live in Guyana South America . UTG-4... I have a request mod. Can you day how many players from my country play this game?
  5. Brock usually disappears when you fail the quest. I'm not sure what conditions constitute as a 'fail' however I've heard that logging out during the quest will register as a fail. If I remember correctly, you will need to wait 6-7 days for him to come back. Also, make sure that you have beaten the Naero boss before starting the quest. Some players have reported that not beating Naero won't let them continue the Daycare Quest. Probably because you need access to the Daycares first :p I have yet to attempt a boss battle... I see.. ok. Thanks for all of your input guys.
  6. This doesn't tell me how to find Brock. It just says return to Brock. He isn't where I left him. The NPC is gone.
  7. I started the quest, received the medicine, gave it to the first 10 pokes I found; most of which were near victory road. I was instructed to return to Brock but he is not longer under the tree in the town he was originally in. Please advise. Thank you.
  8. IGN: Okamimane Hours: 48 50 Badges:6 8 I'm currently more into PvE than PVP.
  9. Re: Memoire [international guild] all servers! <t>1. How many hours of gameplay do you have?<br/> I currently have 17 hours of gameplay. <br/> 2. Tell us a little about yourself.<br/> I've been gaming for as long as I can remember. Even as an adult I find myself fixated on solid progress in games. Especially RPGS and MMOS. <br/> I love Arcanine... and NidoKing... I listen to dubstep and it's variant genres. (That's a pretty weird combination of words there...)<br/> 3. Are you able to visit Discord?<br/> I am. But my access is limited as I can only have one app open on the foreground of my phone at a time. <br/> 4. Are you going to be online daily?<br/> I'll try but I'll certainly be on every 2 days. <br/> 5. What do you look for in a guild?<br/> I'm looking for a group who will not only motivate me but help me to further intrench myself in the art of raring pokemon. <br/> 6. Are you a PvE or a PvP type of person?<br/> A bit of both, though more of the former than the latter. Granted there are guild battles I'll definitely shift towards the other spectra. <br/> 7. Which server do you play?<br/> Red.</t>
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