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  1. Excelent service, extremely fast and very cheap. The best daycarer on the server
  2. 900k Starting price min raise: 50k Insta: 2.1m 48h after start Coin capsule: 300k Can't withraw a bid and dont accept good pokemon. good luck and merry xmas ;) Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20191209T0911&p0=:&font=cursive&csz=1
  3. There was already this suggestion and it was said, that they wont change anything because having to trade your pokemon pushes you to find and join a reliable community and socialize yourself. Just remember to ALWAYS note the ID of your pokemon down and take a screenshot of the trade when you are both green (ready to press "Trade"). Also taking screenshots of the full conversation would also help in case of theft.
  4. Well, crafting things stone like this could come in the far future xD
  5. Hello, Just short before I begin explaining, please avoid comments like "This is not minecraft", because I am more than aware that it is not. I was thinking about something that could make PRO better in the long term, occupy players for longer periods and always give them some sort of perhaps, daily goal? I know the devs are in a rush now and working on many things, so this could work as some sort of an idea for the future ;). So let me start, PRO lacks some sort of activity that players could do and benefit from aside from usual pokemon farming and endgame boss fighting I am n
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