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  1. Don't give up till thend end you are going to do kalos we believe in you :Shy: Tyt
  2. Don't give up you are going to manage to do kalos i believe in you
  3. Can you help me how can upload an image
  4. My suggestion is not become evil or good and stop do quests that your boss tell you examplease team magma boss tell you to kidnap the gym leader if you good example the professor tell you can you please study magicarp in it habitat :Cry: :Cry:
  5. I want an avatar with blue hair and blue eyes and have two water pokemon behind him for free ? Please I like to have one to put it on the profile pic :Shy: :Shy:
  6. I suggest that the player have decisions to make according the decisions it make be your path to become evil or good. If you become evil you able to choose evil organisation like team magma,team aqua,team rocket,team plasma, team galaxy or team flare. If you be good can follow the path to become a ranger or a police or work with the professor of your choice :Shy: :Shy: :Grin:
  7. Mhmm I understand you to create a region need a lot of time programming it is not easy
  8. Further in the future you are going to add more regions if I understand you good?
  9. Are you going to add all the regions in the future? :Grin: sorry for question you :Shy:
  10. i like to tell you that the texture of the game, pokemon moves, weathering and day night system is great keep it up the good work
  11. Shenron


    the game is wonderful but if you add jobs you make it more beautiful i suggest that you make jobs first begin as a trainer than you choose a job if you like but not only members can do it the jobs that i have on my mind breeder,ranger and contestant. :thanks: for reading it and think about it
  12. Shenron


    The game is wonderful and nice but i suggest to make it more beautiful to introduce job systems first begin as a trainer and then if you like choose a job example breeder,contestant or ranger. but not make it for only members :thanks: for reading it and think about it
  13. I am a pokemon fan, my real name is Ishmael i am from Malta.I like to give you some ideas to make the game more nice. :thanks: for reading it
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