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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm Oldtomato and I'm from Red Server. Maybe not many people know about me, but I know that We all love Pokémon. After playing for so long, it is time for me to say goodbye to you all. I have learned a lot and lots of mistakes, apologize for those who I have offended and those who I loved. I really thank you guys for giving me such great experience on PRO. Thank You Chronos includes all the families and Thank You all the staffs for making this game fun and great! I truly wish you all become better and better in PRO and real life. :Grin: By Oldtomato
  2. Nice to meeting you DeadSoul007 and welcome to PRO community. :Grin:
  3. It is impossible atm and you will need Shelmet for the evolve. :D:
  4. This move hasn't added yet, but you can keep an eye on Download & Update Logs to see when it released. :Grin:
  5. Hello tab eagle, Welcome to PRO! I wish you will stay long and enjoy the game. :y:
  6. Hello there, the first Rod you have is Old Rod and there is no any cost for it and you get it from Vermillion city from a NPC name Fisherman Guru Earl. Also, can you tell me what do you mean that nil?
  7. Hi Scarletios, Welcome to Pokemon Revolution Online, and may the best of luck on your journey. :Grin:
  8. Things need to mentioned: I have the right to cancel any auction if the price if none of the bo has met my requirement B.O: Insta:
  9. Welcome new trainer, hope you enjoy the journey on PRO. :Grin:
  10. Hmm, can you give any details reason for sprite upgrade?
  11. Hello there, please read the quote below. READ THIS BEFORE MAKING A SUGGESTION!
  12. Hello Phylis, First of all Welcome to PRO Community! As a friendly suggestion, try to explore the forum, you can interact with players of different servers, playing games in Playground and creating your own suggestion in Suggestions. If you have any problems during your stay, there are various ways to support you. You can check Game Guides or seek out Live Chat support via IRC Channel. Also, there have a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you through the game. Finally, hope you have great experience in PRO!
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