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  1. i did see but thank you. maybe it will help someone else
  2. just to confirm i have them all.
  3. ok so i've been given the screenshot of all the locations of the items. and i've checked all of them at least 6 times. i seriously think my event is bugged. ive been trying since last night. i interacted with 5 of them before activating the quest. i dont know if it might of messed up something. please help its stressing me out username: Nimboo server: gold
  4. Thank you. Thats all I need I wanted to do story with multiple alt accounts so I didn't have to go through it multiple times. Besides cutting down on time doing the same thing I was thinking it would be a unique challenge. For example gym battles would require you to set up moves in a way that u can select move Y on both poke in separate games to achieve an effective result. I know it doesn't make a difference but just wanted to share. I wanna add that I love this game and I think the dev team have absolutely captured the feeling of the original pokemon games. I've still got my original Red, Blue and Yellow carts (showing my age) and this is the pokemon game I've always wanted. I know its off topic but... Thanks for the response. Big ups x
  5. I know that it's allowed to have 2 games open at once but is it allowed to control 2 games at once. I would like to play 2 alt accounts and go through kanto and beyond at the same time. So when I press a direction both move. Seems like it would be fun and interesting to do but not sure of the legality
  6. PRO Username: Fungai Do you have active membership?: No Your knowledge about PRO: Beginner What have you done before the problem was there? What have you already tried to solve the problem? i tried to just log into the game anyway and got a "cannot connect to server message" Description and Message i registered, clicked on the link in my e-mail then received a message saying "Your account could not be activated. Please re-check the link or contact the system administrator."
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