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  1. [bbvideo=560,315]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNpOuaYbyks[/bbvideo]
  2. Indeed my man, listening some Trance music here and grinding ev:s at the moment :Grin:
  3. Misdreavus ~2000 discovery points, 18:00 game time
  4. These two came to mind first; [bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo] [bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo]
  5. Looking for offers of ~200K. Leave a message here or PM me in game thanks :)
  6. Literally unlocked these things yesterday, after i read forum thread about Excavation sites.. Cant say that the 100k fee was worth it just for 1 full excavation site run and theres no way im going to afford 40K per site run with my current money stack (90k)
  7. First (and only) shiny on PRO i've caught was Zubat at victory road :Cry: . On handheld console my first shiny was Whismur at route 116
  8. Started playing again after 5-6 month long hiatus and..i woul've never believed i see the day im leveling Rattata up to lvl 100. In the end i think it was worth it. New content, quests, areas to explore and such. Thank you all the staff members for releasing Hoenn region !
  9. Great to see this thread going well:) keep posting![bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo] [bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo]
  10. Hello! Your signatures are simply amazing, you got talent :Smile: i got a request here: Im willing to pay up to 100k or more if i like this signature Primary Text: Hauki Secondary Text: - Main image: Picture of Pike fish / some water effect(s), maybe rain? Color Scheme: (ex purple and pink) Blue/light blue/cyan. Whatever looks the best Dimensions: same as Warito's sig Other: (Any other specifications) I sent you a friend request, but you are not online atm. Will be waiting :)
  11. Furret can learn both ( not by level-up) along with cut/surf/covet/rock smash, making it one of the best HM slaves in the game in my opinion
  12. Nobody is holding you at gunpoint & telling you to stare at login screen for whole queue duration right? Do something else in the meantime. No its not, your membership purchase will help fund better servers in the future = enjoyable gaming experience for whole community. Keep that in mind.
  13. Is this a bug, or intentional way how escape rope is supposed to work in this game? Basically, for the last couple of days when i have used escape rope to "teleport" to the last visited Pokecenter, all my pokemon's HP and PP are restored instantly after i arrive to Pokecenter. I dont need to speak with Nurse or anything. Bit strange, but nothing gamebreaking in my opinion. I would just like to know if there has been some sort of update that changed how escape rope works, because i remember clearly it wasnt like this ~1 week ago or so.
  14. Great introduction. Welcome to PRO and good luck in your hunt for those perfect iv/nature pokemon's :D
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