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  1. Type of Request: Restore Username: LILLYXD Server: Silver Pokemon: Magneton Reason : Thought it was a diffrent magneton due to the pc not being as in original games
  2. So the allow controll option only allows for really mixed keybinds for example arrow up is down and b is down and you can't inteeract wich is dissapointed aftering spending 100€ on a android controller only to play pro on i will try remapping my buttons for now but id be really happy and i'm sure allot of people would be if pro would allow controller to work properly its not enjoyable to play on a touch screen esepcially when ur walking allot pvp is fine tho controller is still far more comfy
  3. It ends tomorrow at 08:37PM Weavile been 96h from start since the beggining whilest clefable and volcarona were both 72 hours and the tyranitar wich i removed since noone started it was on 96h aswell. I removed the pokes that where sold left weavile on the original terms, if there is some room for confusion pls mod clarify.
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