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  1. where can I get hydro pump tutor for rotom wash
  2. I have been hunting for 3hrs n got 2 charmander only plz make it spawn in every 15mins plz
  3. Spawn Name: Charmander Map Name: Cinibar mansion 3rdfloor Suggestion: make it spawn easy cause it take 2hr for one charmander so plz make it spawn 1 in 15mins
  4. plz make a shiny pokemon checker the shiny pokemon checker will tell us that after seeing a pokemon in wild how much we need to see the same pokemon to get a shiny one because only lucky trainers get shiny pokes so there r many trainers who want shiny n they don't find srry my english is not good
  5. I need help how do i get shiny pokemon???
  6. Isaac15


    i think u should add a leaf ninja headband n akatsuki outfit
  7. i think mega evolution should be their because every body want a mega pokemon even the NPC have mega pokemon
  8. Re: Origin guild (blue server) recruiting active players! <t>Hours of played:67 hours<br/> Favorite pokemon:latios but i don't have it<br/> Reason:I like it because its a legendary and its type is dragon/physic<br/> discord server?? <br/> i have finished kanto,johto,hoen,</t>
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