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Hundjager's Store. (New pokes added 04/08/2021.) Re-stocked!

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Shop rules: 978768875_Mycharacter.png.49ea914b8f10622d8a5fadff520b7d8c.png

Fake offering will be reported.

Prices are none negotiable unless stated otherwise.


Payment methods:

2BB0220A-2FCC-449D-BE3D-E5AD1AC59DA6.png.56ec5d87b95a781c1be9523e9ba522bd.png Coin capsule - (400K)

832E9011-1222-4DF2-948F-31D8462AA189.png.e86efa97c4b3cea244362cc9c2265ec7.png Rare Candy (7k)

D0285DB7-270A-4A11-A3C9-C507294C197F.png.252bb36308a2b9837d9f1ba16fe045dc.png Re-roll ticket (750k)

C05E5B38-F2E8-4A91-A41B-FCF27CB86928.png.876e4a14346d49dd12cf7491f6fd6236.png Nature-Reroll ticket (375k)


Any questions, and or for sales you can post or message me in game.





Doublade - Offer in game or via forum message



Volcarona - Offer in game or via forum message



Mamoswine - Offer in game or via forum message



Happiny - 160k



Staraptor - 500K



Gardevoir - 500k



Glalie - 200K













image.png.cd1336f01372385c697c3f54283398bb.png - Sold 500K

image.png.0aab0ea4a1d187f0733dd09a562bad06.png - Sold 500K

image.png.9673f2c9895134148e9bdac5db0b4943.png - Sold 300K

image.png.733fc551959d97ca44389754e2e4692a.png - Sold 450K

image.png.0f960b0ecf7a4e133a863145c689e442.png - Sold 500K

image.png.00e0fc130979cff3df00d5c1b687ac36.png - Sold 450K

image.png.71cd3daede049061d36600fb9692f258.png - Sold 550K

image.png.724d0b3ce9a540184bf7f64f482f97c5.png - Sold 500K

image.png.11df1a97d33c21eeb29edd8724653040.png - Sold 550K

image.png.6d66f9fac11de612a33bc78af9604599.png- Sold 300K

image.png.9e0efc29b2c9cf28bdfda59c96ebc490.png- Sold 400K

image.png.7e81f6dc56917048239c05f3846023d7.png- Sold 450K

image.png.72540e2e2d40d59584f0560737f000f4.png- Sold 750k

image.png.0ff674748e2a3c963bafde736912aa90.png- Sold 350k

image.png.263b944da535a550861c936da491153c.png- Sold 300k



Edited by Hundjager



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