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  1. thanks for info, didn't see other post. I wasn't aware of some of the counters, was thinkin more narrow. and yea it is skill issues, even though there are nicer ways of putting that .
  2. Here in PRO there is a unique pvp meta due to no tiers. As such some pokemon are used much more than others. Many players are EXTREMELY sick and tired of playing against unaware clef in every other match. If you want to win games you are being forced to bring 2+ mons that can beat it or u just auto lose. To me this defeats the purpose of pvp as you are no longer building a team based around anything except a few specific pokemon you must beat (ie: need answer for unaware clef, for heatran, for ferrothorn, ect). If you dont construct your team this way these pokemon can run away with the game far too easily. The key difference is that unaware clef can beat any of its counters and still be healthy if played properly, whereas heatran and the like usually cant be healthy in the end even if they beat their counter. I think the meta would REALLY benefit from having unaware clef banned, and leaving magic guard clef alone. If I'm missing a reason that clef isn't overpowered, please let me know. I'm struggling to get a solid grasp on pvp as it is, now when I see opponent with clefairy I quite honestly no longer want to play the game and log off after the match, win or loss. This takes away a lot of the fun of the game. From reading pvp chat over time I can see I'm not the only one feeling this way. Feel free to comment with or against my opinion I would really like to get a greater understanding of what the player base thinks about banning unaware clefairy.
  3. I was using a zapdos, they were using ferrothorn+ribombee I believe. Sticky web and rocks were on the field, I defog with zapdos, they protect on ferrothorn. Rocks gone, web not. But all testing done since than seems like nothing is removed. I cannot remember how long ago this occurred. Thanks for clarifying this is intended we were getting mixed answers on that.
  4. When the opponent has the sticky web entry hazard on the field alongside stealth rocks when I use defog it does not remove the sticky web but does remove the stealth rock if opponent uses protect. I do not believe this is as intended. The same bug seems to occur when opponent is using dig or fly in place of protect. When testing with a friend we found that in requested 1v1 duels this does not apply and instead dig and protect don't allow any hazards to be removed. My friend and I do not have any screenshots from this happening to us in pvp (but we have both experienced the protect-defog situation). I will update this post with a screenshot of this occurring in pvp if/when I can. Update: Pvp functions exactly as the screenshots provided. I would like clarification on if this is intended or not. Before defog attempt 1 After defog attempt 1 (protect) Before defog attempt 2 After defog attempt 2 (dig) Before defog attempt 3 After defog attempt 3 (normal circumstances control test)
  5. ill buy goomy @690 for rr ticket online now for a few min
  6. its hard to tell unless your moving but the shading for the ledge is over my body
  7. +1 I also fell like it would be nice if normal items (1st item tab) was split into 2 tabs. one for normal items (evolution items, fossils, ect) and the 2nd one for held items (focus sash, assault vest, ect)
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