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S. O. 3m
Min. bid 100k
Insta. 6m
72 hours after first bid

Accept: Coin capsule  400k
             Reroll, iv         700k
             Reroll, nature 350k


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  • Csabiii changed the title to Waiting for trade
  • Csabiii changed the title to Sold, can be closed
  • Eon changed the title to Conkeldurr

@Csabiii You were punished for a Poorly Handled Auction. The Pokemon was sold before the delimited end point. The trade has been reverted - 3.1m have been removed from your account and added to @Seoulmate. Suggest you refrain from being inappropriate towards other players, as excessive toxicity is against the Forum Rules. Please give them a read.


@K3ns3i Please stick to reporting and don't dwell further in what might be infractions. This thread escalated unnecessarily and you were one of the contributors.


@LunarCrystal Your comments were also unwarranted. There are rules to be followed. If mistakes happen, they are corrected. We don't look the other way and continue like nothing has happened.


The Conkeldurr auction will resume. The Pokemon is in my possession and will be responsible for forcing its outcome.


The end point is set to 12 hours from the moment of this post. The current offer is 3.2m by @K3ns3i. Every other parameter such as Minimum Raise and Accepted Payments remain unchanged. The title has been adjusted to this change.


@Seoulmate Not considering your 3.3m as current offer because it was placed after the original end point. Noticed you've transferred to Gold after trading. If you happen to be the winner will exceptionally bring the Pokemon back to you on Gold, despite the auction being held on Silver. 


Any repeated behaviour showcased in this thread will warrant a formal forum warning issued to the perpetrator. The related posts have been deleted to keep the thread as clean as possible. Am only expecting posts containing bids/offers from now on. For any issue or concern, use the Report button to bring it to our attention.

Apologies for the inconvenience and good luck to the parties involved.

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