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JinksLIT Shiny Shop OPEN!!!!!

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JinksLIT 𝘗𝘰𝘬𝘦𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘱



Contact Details:  - Gold Server

IGN:         JinksLIT

Discord:   JinksLIT#6809


Accepted Currencies: 

pokedollar.png.b4bc77a9cc35a98fbd55600c783e6263.png.9179c174cf488b6caa7a695f97d822ad.png Pokedollars

Reroll_Ticket.png.72cda840aa847819f6a1b1199b7a6d0c.png Reroll Ticket - 700k

naturerr.png.9f791ae859c0e37c6a08bb0a29c5b919.png Nature Reroll - 350k

Coin_Capsule.png.5fe21ce9438b2c346c34c044dd753f8e.png Coin Capsule - 380k

1271206271_rarecandy.png.94c998a78b624767385e3dbac269e411.png Rare Candy - 7k

12A14F09-BF9E-4E25-9C0E-2D9C7F9CD785.png.3b7522e936037f3b5f9290e4d2c1e998.png 15d Ms - 190k



1. Please leave a contact when buying/offering (Discord, IGN, Server)

2. Fake offering will be reported.

3. Some prices can be negotiated when listed with a price.
4. If you are from Silver server, you need to transfer to Gold to collect your pokemons or add 1cc for me to transfer.


Feel Free To Comment Below If You are Interested In Any Pokes with your offer.

Open to any relevant trade that is fair.


  Shiny & Event Pokemon's

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  • Jinkslit changed the title to JinksLIT Shiny Shop OPEN!!!!!

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