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Winter is coming in Gold Server


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Vangogsan - Guild Leader

Susantlc - Officer
Shardxyn - Officer




We are a society whose interests are focused on the development and improvement of pvp and the skills of individual players. Our goal is to be competitive and consistent  in the TOP 3 GUILDS in the server. We also aim to create a pleasant friendly environment and new friendships around the world.



We are looking for permanent and active players with passion in development for pvp who love the game. We also value a good tone and a friendly atmosphere , so the players we are looking for must be friendly and chill.

🎁  🎁  🎁

+25% exp boost ( if we manage to get into the top 10  guilds)

Access to Guild Island (at some time)

any help and fastest possible answers in case of difficulty

hunting and other events

Access to Guild bank of pokemons for use





- Active Discord user

- Friendly and kind

- 600 + hours

- To follow PRO rules

- permanently activity 

- Monthly participation in Normal Ranked PvP and at least 120 rank total at the end of the month



Post a message in this thread with the following information :


What is your In Game Name ?

How old are you ?

What is your Discord ID ?

What is your favorite Pokemon ?

What is your rank in the last 3 seasons ?


We dream big 👊


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Rebramding the Guild
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  • Vangogsan changed the title to Winter is coming in Gold Server

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