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I bought the wrong mount and vip server :(


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Good afternoon, good evening, I only have 5 hours of games, I created a server gold character, and I fit donating, vip and mont, but my friends play everything server silver, would you be able to help me?😊 please,me new in game,have  5 hour only ! thanks.for attencion


I really want to play server SILVER with my friends, sorry about all this.

´poke server gold.png

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Hello @Cllark,


As Trippyyy already said can u server transfer for free every 30 days at the Dashboard. Just log in with your Gamename and Password and go to "Server Transfer"




Then u can transfer for free. All your progress, items, pokes will be moved to the other server 🙂 Please let me know if you need anymore assistance.






Hail to the ANT KING

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