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Service Shop!!

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Welcome Everyone!!

Beinvenido A Todos


Valentine Quest Service 

(Available only on Valentine's)


Main Quest 

(Reward Clefable valentine's form)



Mega Salamence // Salamencite 



Jame's Quest 

(Reward Nature Reroll or IV Lock Bundle)



Letter Quest 

(Without Transportation Pass)


(With Transportation Pass)




DayCare Service 


Evs range: 40k each (exception ferroseed, ferrothorn,happiny, chansey, blissey, audino) 50k 


Levelling - 95

     Info     ||          Forms        ||         Price 

                           Starter                    40k 

                            1 Evo                     50k 

                          2nd Form                80k 

                          3rd Form                120k   

  Tank's              All form            150~200k

Legendary         All kind            180k~220k 

Note: Prices decrease while levelling Legendary in your account If you have Guild +25 exp boost // +50 membership boost // +25 exp booster it all depends on what your account have any difficulties levelling your pokemon. 


Egg's move: 18k each(move)






Greetings, I'll do a service for 5 hrs on weekdays and 12 hrs at weekends, If you have other concerns connected to my service you can contact me by the information I linked below. 




Greetings, If you're interested in my service follow the guide I provided to avoid confusion and misunderstanding upon requesting a service. If you have other concerns connected to requesting a service, ill suggest contacting me at Discord to explain something or have the answer to your questions. 



IGN Hananabi 

Discord(optional) Hananabi#1234

Requesting Levelling pok( 4 last digits on pokemon) - Evs (number of pokemon need to evs train)


IGN Waitlord 

Discord(optional) Waitlord#4321 

Requesting Levelling Legendary( 4 last digits code on pokemon) - Evs (number of pokemon need to evs train)


IGN Clayor 

Discord(optional) Clayor#1243 

Valentine Service - Mail - James - Clefable



Greetings, You can contact me by Discord, In-Game, or by replying Here. it was my pleasure to do the service for you. Have a nice day!!! ^^

IGN: Purvey0r 

Discord: 0nadaa#3622





Note: I will keep on updating this post every time in keeping my service updated and way more accurate to avoid confusion and misunderstanding about the thread. 


Edited by Purvey0r


Discord: 0nadaa#3622 

IGN: Purvey0r




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