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New Service Shops!!

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Greetings, everyone welcomes to newly created daycare services, we offered levelling, effort values(ev), and move services if you are interested you can contact us in Discord, in-game, or simply post here. I will try my best to get in touch and reply to your post but I highly suggest joining discord and starting a conversation with other customers and daycare providers. 


Pricing Range 

charmander/ turtwig/ piplap/ bulbasaur/ squirtle/ magby/ nidoran M&F. 


absol/ eevee/ voltorb/ hawlucha/ pinsir/ sneasel/ rotum/ cleffa - clefable/ snorunt/ tangela/ ditto. 


milktank/ tauros/ 
skarmory/ pigeotto/ klefki/ alomomola/ corsola/ munchlax - snorlax/ clefairy/ kangaskan.


Tank will start its price at 150k~200k.

Shuckels/ ferroseed - ferrothorn/ happiny - chansey - blissey. 


Legendaries service:


The starting price of a Level 30 legendary up to level 95 was 180k


Note: If you're interested in availing levelling service in your legendaries, I'll highly suggest contacting one of us on Discord


Ev service 
•40k offensive/ sweeper/ normal 
•50k don't have any move/ semi-tank/ tank 

Move service
•16k each egg move 
•10k service fee for each move requesting


If you have trust issues, we guarantee assurance and we will issue a screenshot (ss) after receiving and returning the pokemon. Be patient upon waiting and do not spam on any platform especially here we have a different time zone, as a result, there will be miscommunication but I suggest upon joining Discord every pokemon we finish have its place in there with complete service and provided a screenshot(ss). Thank you


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