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World Quest


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Welcome to the comprehensive guide to the World Quest event in our server! This guide will help you understand the monthly server-wide mini-event and how to maximize your contributions. You'll get to know every aspect of the World Quest and make the most out of it! 




The World Quest event in our server is an exciting and engaging monthly server-wide mini-event. It offers players a unique opportunity to collectively achieve a specific Individual Value (IV) goal by catching and submitting a designated number of a particular Pokémon within the time limit and the chance to earn valuable Mysterious Tickets.




The World Quest operates through a well-structured process that ensures an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all participants. 

The primary objective of the World Quest is to reach a predetermined IV goal. To achieve this, players are required to hunt and submit specific Pokémon announced via System Messages in the in-game chat and on the Official PRO Discord Server. In addition to the designated Pokémon, the IV requirement for the World Quest is also announced. This IV goal represents the cumulative total of Individual Values that players need to achieve collectively for the successful completion of the event.

The World Quest has a duration of 24 hours. Participants have this time frame to collectively meet the IV goal. The event will end earlier than 24 hours if the IV goal is reached before the allotted time. On the other hand, if the IV goal is not met within the 24-hour period, the event will still conclude, and rewards will be distributed based on the percentage of the IV goal achieved by the players and the server as a whole. Every player who contributed at least 0.5% of the IV goal will be eligible for rewards, even if the goal is not fully met within the given time.

Players will also be able to see the World Quest icon on the leftmost top corner of their in-game window.


Participation is open to all players, and no prior registration or action is necessary to take part in the event unless you have access to the map where the designated Pokémon spawns. 

The spoiler below contains visuals of the World Quest message, announcement, and in-game icon. 



In-Game Chat:

When the World Quest starts:



When World Quest Ends:



In-game Icon:


PRO Official Discord Server:



Brief Explanation of the Elements shown in the World Quest Announcement:


Pokemon: The Pokemon that has been selected for the World Quest


Total Individual Values: The total number of IVs needed to complete the World Quest

Single Individual Values: The total number of IVs a single player will need to successfully donate 0.5% of Total Individuals IVs.


Average Submission: Average number of Pokemon a player would require to complete 0.5% of the contribution to the Total Individual Values. The average IV of a Pokemon is taken to be 93.

Lowest tier: The lowest tier the selected World Quest Pokémon have in the game among the tier list of Common, Uncommon and Rare.

Reward: Reward of successfully completing the World Quest by the server (i.e. meeting the Total Individual Values).

Duration: The duration upto which the World Quest will be active. As explained above, it will only will available for 24 hours unless it gets completed before that time.

End Time: This is the timestamp for when the World Quest will be completed after 24 hours at YOUR TIMEZONE.

Next in the block is the spawn of the selected Pokémon for the WQ. Players can also get the same data using the command ^s <Pokémon Name> on either #bot-commands or directly DMing the Reborn Bot. In DMs with Reborn Bot you might have to use /spawn <Pokémon Name> command instead.

Next there are a few useful link that players might want to visit to get more information about the selected Pokémon.


Repeating what has been mentioned earlier, players can get the spawn data of the selected WQ Pokémon by using their in-game Pokédex or by using the command ^s <Pokémon Name> or /spawn <Pokémon Name> on either #bot-commands or directly DMing the Reborn Bot from our Discord Server.

Once players catch these Pokémon, they can submit them to the Mysterious Cultist in any of the four port cities: Vermilion City, Olivine City, Lilycove City, or Canalave City. They are responsible for accepting Pokémon submissions and providing essential information regarding the event. Two of the essential pieces of information being the percentage of Total Individual Values the player has contributed yet and the Total IVs remaining collectively to the whole server.


The Pokémon to be submitted by the player must bear the player's Original Trainer (OT) and must have been captured after the announcement of the World Quest.


When players submit their Pokémon to the Mysterious Cultist during the World Quest, these Pokémon are permanently deleted from their inventory. Once submitted, there is no way to retrieve them. Therefore, it's crucial for players to fully comprehend this consequence and make their choices wisely. Consider factors such as the Pokémon's rarity, usefulness in battles, potential for trading, and overall value to your collection.


While the World Quest typically occurs on the first week of each month, it's worth noting that occasional mid-month events might also take place. Keeping an eye on announcements and server notifications can help you stay informed about such occurrences.

Occasionally World Quest may also come with an Outbreak. 




As stated earlier, to be eligible for rewards in the World Quest, players must contribute at least 0.5% of the total IV requirement. Regardless of whether the IV goal is fully met within the 24-hour timeframe, any player who fulfills this minimum contribution threshold will be rewarded.

Players can earn Mysterious Tickets by meeting contribution milestones during the event. Additionally, Mysterious Shards can be obtained and later exchanged for Mysterious Tickets. Players may obtain a Mysterious Ticket in the exchange of three Mysterious Shards with the help of Mysterious Cultist.

The World Quest offers different reward tiers based on the percentage of the IV goal contributed by players. The reward tiers are as follows:


- 0.5% Contribution:
   - 1x Mysterious Ticket if 100% of the server goal was reached.
   - 2x Mysterious Shards if 75% of the server goal was reached.
   - 1x Mysterious Shard if 50% of the server goal was reached.


- 3% Contribution:
   - 2x Mysterious Tickets if 100% of the server goal was reached.
   - 4x Mysterious Shards if 75% of the server goal was reached.
   - 2x Mysterious Shards if 50% of the server goal was reached.


Player can further unlock various "rewards" and "services" using these Mysterious Tickets. Players can utilize their Mysterious Tickets to access services offered by H. Ackerman in Vermilion City. Additionally, the Mysterious Sailor in Vermilion City harbor provides transportation to Birth Island for players to encounter rare Pokémon and also Legendaries. These utilizations with some others are explained briefly below.




Services Offered by H. Ackerman

H. Ackerman, an NPC located in Vermilion City, provides a range of services in exchange for Mysterious Tickets. These services include:

- Transit Pass for 30 days: Players can obtain a Transit Pass, granting them unlimited travel for 30 days to various places.

- Access to Guild Island: By contributing 20 Mysterious Tickets by the guild, players can unlock access to Guild Island, an exclusive location with unique features and benefits.

- Enhanced Boss Battles: Players can exchange Mysterious Tickets to increase their weekly boss battle limit from 20 to 40.



Accessing Mirage Island with Old Man Jerry

In Pacifidlog Town, players can find an NPC named Old Man Jerry. By giving him a Mysterious Ticket, players can access Mirage Island for three consecutive days.


Psychic Marina's Services

Psychic Marina, a notable NPC in the game, offers services of IV and Nature rerolls for Legendary Pokémon for a Reroll Ticket or Nature Reroll Ticket, respectively. IV rerolls allow players to change the IVs of their Legendary Pokémon.

Psychic Marina also offers a unique Double Reroll Service. As the name suggests, the double reroll service grants two rerolls for each reroll item used, effectively providing more opportunities to achieve desired IV combinations. 

However, this enhanced service comes at a cost. One of the payment options for the double reroll service is a Mysterious Ticket. The other two options being Two Reroll Tickets and 1,200,000 pokedollars

Psychic Marina is located in all the following areas, which includes all the current regions:

- Vermilion City in Kanto
- Olivine City in Johto
- Mauville City in Hoenn
- Matsuki Village in Sinnoh
- Guild Island

After activating the double reroll service, it will last for only one hour in which players will get two rerolls per ticket up to 10 Reroll Tickets.



Birth Island


Birth Island is a location near Six Island and Seven Island in the Sevii Islands archipelago. Birth Island in PRO is different from the original game as it does not host the Pokémon Deoxys but serves as a spawn place for Pseudo-Legendary and Legendary Pokémon. 

Being an extended topic, it has been thoroughly explained below.




One of the most exciting use of Mysterious Ticket is accessing Birth Island


Using Mysterious Tickets, players can interact with the Mysterious Sailor located in Vermilion City harbor. The Mysterious Sailor offers transportation to Birth Island, where players can encounter Legendary Pokémon and/or "Pseudo-Legendary" Pokémon


To access Birth Island and encounter Legendary and pseudo-legendary Pokémon, players must meet specific requirements. One key requirement is being the Sinnoh Champion.


The Legendary Pokémon encountered on Birth Island are usually the counterparts of duos or trios players already possess, adding to their collection. It's essential to note that Legendary Birds and Forces of Nature will not appear on Birth Island, as they can be obtained through their respective quests.

As said, to encounter a Legendary Pokémon on Birth Island, players must have previously caught one of their counterparts. Meeting this requirement enables the chance for a Legendary to appear. If a player does not fulfill the requirements to spawn a Legendary Pokémon, Birth Island will instead feature a pseudo-legendary spawn. Only Solgaleo and Lunala are exceptions to this case.

Initially, there's only a 50% chance of encountering the Legendary Pokémon. If a pseudo-legendary is encountered instead, the subsequent encounter will be a guaranteed Legendary Pokémon, assuming not all Legendary counterparts have been captured yet. If all of the available Legendary Pokémon in the Birth Island have been captured, then all of the encounters will be of pseudo-legendary Pokémon.


Players will get to encounter only one Legendary or "pseudo-legendary" Pokémon per trip to the Birth Island. Moreover, the use of a Mysterious Ticket to access Birth Island has a 24-hour cooldown period.

But, as an added bonus, Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon encountered on Birth Island are guaranteed to have their best Abilities, particularly those favored in Player versus Player (PvP) battles, including Hidden Abilities. 


Here is a list of all the Pseudo-Legendaries that can currently spawn on the Island.




A list with all currently supported Legendaries that can be spawned on the Island.



By talking with the Mysterious Captain on Birth Island again, players get the option to return to the mainland. However, players can return to the Island at any time, as long as they haven't initiated a battle with the spawned Pokémon.


It's crucial to note that initiating a battle by interacting with the Pokémon triggers the encounter. If players choose to flee or disconnect from the battle, the Pokémon will be lost.


While the Legendary and pseudo-legendary Pokémon are rare and valuable, it's important to know that the Pokémon encountered on Birth Island cannot be Shiny.


This concludes the World Quest guide. Wishing the players an exciting and cheerful World Quest ahead!! Remember to stay connected with the Official PRO Discord Server for essential updates and announcements. Happy hunting!!

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