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Slytherins (Gold)


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About us

We're a solid group of friends who created the guild Sep 30th, 2023. We aim to create a space for all players to grow, learn and have fun while playing! We are also looking to recruit active dungeon runners and people who are interested in dungeon runs! We are also excited to announce we're starting our pvp adventure and are recruiting players who currently pvp or would like to!!

Leader - xxxrosxxx

Co leaders(officers)-  Wikkedninja, Rick04, Tei, Mrboston

Deputies(discord)- , Copenhagen, Leppa, Galla, Italiansquad, Cillium, Tsunakun

Pvp Captain- Homiechapo




Help with quests and questions you may have

Will lend you teams as needed

We will hold monthly comps and have trivia night in discord

Carries through dungeons for active members



Must be active on discord (Will msg you invite link)

Show activeness on Pro

Willing to help and guide others

No toxicity under any circumstances



Please leave listed below:

Your IGN (in game name)

Your hours played

Fav generation of Pokemon

What's your interest in Pro? (pvp, pve)

What's the event you look forward to the most? (Xmas, Halloween, Summer)

Dungeon experience?

Highest PVP rating (if you currently pvp)

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