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start offer : 1,5 M

min raise : 100K

insta price : 4M

End of auction : 48h after the first bid





Coin Capsule = 400K
Reroll Nature = 250K
Reroll Ticket = 500K

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Greetings @Jetfire

Your auction can not be started without evidence of @Akaacztrener's bid. Please either attach an in-game screenshot where it can be seen that your auction has been started or ask buyer to make a post directly on forums. 


2. All bids must be acknowledged, and all current/best offers must be publicly announced with the bidder's username and bid amount.

- In-game: This applies to every trade post related to the auction. Evidence of all bids received must be made and kept, to be made available upon Staff request. Timestamps are preferred.

- Forum: This applies to every in-game bid received, and must be acknowledged in the auction thread with a screenshot. Timestamps are preferred.

 This does not apply to bids received on the forum.

 Bids made on Discord are not valid or accepted.

- Accepting known false bids (from alternative account, friend, guildmate, etc) is prohibited.

Kind regards 

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