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[Art Freebies] Draw Me /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\OC Art Request[close]

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What does OC meaning?

OC meaning original character of someone.


OC Art Request

I'm looking for someone draw my OC for free please.

I don't mind if its a stickgirl, I'll accept and treasure it.

Even if its not perfect, arts doesn't have to be pretty you know.

Not to get bored while server is down at the moment on.

Just feel free to draw if you want to. I accept any size art.


What I really love is:

-Pen Art

-Pixel Art

-Chibi Art

-Colored Art

-Traditional Art

*With your signature also~!


About My OC

Pokémon trainer, along with her Pichu. She have two ponytails. Her hair is black. Her eyes is grey. She love wearing her comfy, white beanie on her head.


sS1Bzwl.png pichu_vector_by_leek128-d1a1zck.jpg

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Re: [Art Freebies] OC Art Request


<r>[align=center]<SIZE size="150"><s></s><U><s></s><COLOR color="#FF0080"><s></s>Thanks to the Artists who draw my OC<e></e></COLOR><e></e></U><e></e></SIZE><br/>

<IMG src="https://www.emoticonswallpapers.com/avatar/cartoons/Pichu-and-Pikachu.gif"><s></e></IMG><br/>

Please Read<br/>

<SIZE size="85"><s></s><B><s></s>*Do not steal or use my art(s) without my permission<br/>

*Do not bother pm the artists or asking them to draw*<br/>

[best to make own thread for art freebies]<e></e></B><e></e></SIZE><br/>


<COLOR color="#BF00FF"><s></s>Scarlettrose<e></e></COLOR><SPOILER><s>


<COLOR color="#BF40FF"><s></s>SapphirePhoenix<e></e></COLOR><SPOILER><s>


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