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Suicune Missing

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Hi Guys not sure if i am on the right forum but i can´t find suicune in Tohjo Falls i fight already against Entai and Raikou but Suicune is not on his place... Pls help me.


Hey there, 19Chris95!

If you were following Carlho's guide on how to get Celebi, it's normal that you didn't find Suicune; its location has been changed a bit since the HM Waterfall is available ingame, as follows:



Please have a check again with this information, and tell me if that was the issue :Angel:

Until then, I wish you a good day!

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Thank you

there it is now ...

I got my Celebi now but i think in freedom it would be better ^^


Gland it helped, and congratulations for your Celebi! :Angel:

Have a good day!



- [glow=lightgreen]Locked as solved[/glow] -

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