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  1. selling any prestige mount for 16,,5m i accepet rr=600k cc=400k nature rr= 300k
  2. selling any prestige mount for 16m i accepet rr=600k cc=400k nature rr= 300k
  3. will close as an auction at 10pm -3gmt on 10/09/2022. accepted cc. 350k accepted RR. 700k acccepted RR nature. 350k s.o magnezone. 2,5m insta 5m min bid 100k s.o metacross 2m insta 3m, min bid 100k
  4. buy quaqsire relaxed 200k, ponyta flash fire 90k,mankey defiant 100k, krabby jolly sheer 200k, seismitoad swift swim 250k and rhydon carefull 200k
  5. sorry i completely forgot, is the pokemon still available? my discord is goias#0333
  6. new pokemons added to the store.
  7. ‎SHOP OF GOIAS.‎ ‎Welcome to my shop.‎ .We receive Pokemon weekly. .Server Silver. .Pokemon prices may change over time. .After combining the location, do not try to change the default value or it will be reported. .We do not exchange, only the payment methods below. ‎Payment Methods‎ Pokedollar ‎Coin capsule - 375k‎ ‎Reroll IV - 700k‎ Reroll Nature - 350k Rare candy - 7k Discord: Goias#0333 ‎MY TIME ZONE: GMT-3‎ ‎POKEMON TRAINED‎ ‎POKEMON UNTRAINED‎ ‎SHINY SKIN‎ ‎SOLD‎
  8. wtb gyarada ada intimidate 31/31 25+
  9. Buy volcarona timid h.p ground 350k 25/30
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