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  1. tag me here or in pro same name as here when u wanna exchange the goods @Oikawa
  2. Auction Time: 3 days Start 1m min bid 100k Insta 4m
  3. Starting offer made by Bemadbro
  4. Start bid: 3 mil Insta: 3m100k Accept Pokedollars cc - 380k Min raise: 100k Start now ends in 3 days 19.08.2020 at the time this goes online Contact Ingame: Ziimba Discord: Ziimba#6051
  5. Why do you want to join Eternity? Im looking for a place after I haven't played this game for 2 years and now im looking for an active guild to help me find back into the game and to enjoy it again. Real name / ingame name: Lars / Ziimba How old are you? 19 Ur country/ which language(s) do you speak? Germany, i can speak english,german and swedish Discord name+tag / how often u r online there? #6051Anfaenger / I can be online every day after 12am What is your goal on pro/are you interested in pvp/already pvping? I want to get back into the game and start learning pvp Screenshot of
  6. Want to sell shiny scizor 7m no auction but open for trades in pvp pokes
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