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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. As Wakaranaii, which previously got a reply from me and quoted it, unfortunately there is currently a problem with the Lending System, where certain players' lending may remain in a 'Pending' status even if the Pokemon return, and this seems to be the case for you as well. Our DEVs are aware and are working on a solution, which will be implemented as soon as possible and announced on our official discord. I understand the situation is bad, but please be patient till then. In the while, wish you a great day. - Keita/Shinohara
  2. Ehi there @Avanox2 After reviewing your case, it just looks like you have quite the big misunderstanding for what regard the World Quest system, but no worry I am here and will explain you how this works so you can understand the situation. Birth Island does have a chance to spawn just a Pseudo Legendary OR a Legendary when you visit it. Legendaries Gen 2 Gen 3 Gen 4 Gen 7 Pseudo legendaries When you visit the island, there is a chance you will find only a Pseudo Legendary. However, the next time you should be able to encounter a legendary with 100% chances. You went to Birth Island today and caught a Tyranitar there. It is level 80 (since that is the spawn level), has the Modest nature, and has the Sand Stream ability. If you meet the requirements, you will 100% encounter a legendary the next time. Talking about "meeting requirements", in order to encounter a legendary you must possess one of its counterparts, or, to be more clear, one of their family members. For example, if you already have Entei, you may run into Raikou or Suicune (but not another Entei); if you don't have any of the three, you won't be able to find any of them. The same goes for lati-os/as; in order to find latias, you must first have caught latios, and to find latios you need to have caught latias. If you have none of the legendaries in the table above, the only you can encounter are Solgaleo and Lunala. Since you went today and caught a Tyranitar, the next time you will find a legendary if you meet the requirements written above. Is there anything else I can help you with?
  3. Ehi there @Avanox2 I am sorry to hear about the issue you have experienced. The case has been forwarded to our Content Scripters so they can check and give me more info about it. Please, be patient until then, I will reply to this thread as soon as I have more info. In the while you wait, wish you a wonderful day
  4. Hello there @Thecapuchaazul Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to translate the entire game into a language other than English. This is because doing so would require a tremendous amount of work, take up to a year, and cause us a number of issues, including a delay in the development of the game and an increase in the time needed to create and release new content. English was chosen as the primary client language since it is the most spoken and widely used language worldwide, making it the most appropriate choice for a global community. Also, if we would translate it in Spanish, we would also need to work on other languages, which would take even more work. As for our discord, we have a channel dedicated entirely to the spanish community: If I can ask, what's the problem in using those channels?
  5. Locking the thread since the issue has been resolved, I'm happy to hear about you being able to evolve your Pokemon Thanks to @Norex for the help !
  6. Uhm, the client should disconnect you only after 1 hour of inactivity, regardless of the situation you are in. This mean that if you encounter the Pokemon, you have 1 hour to interact with the battle, even just pressing a button (to get out of the afk-status) and then you have other 60 minutes. Isn't that enough time?
  7. Ehi there @Albionkurenai First of all, welcome to the game; we are really happy to have you here with us Because you commented on a 'dead' topic from 2018, I've moved your message to a new thread so we may discuss it here, in an organized way, any question or doubt that you have. In terms of which server is better, Silver and Gold are essentially the same with no distinction. Even the economy and market are nearly identical. This is also thanks to Server Transfers, which can be performed from the DASHBOARD (Click Here) in two ways: Use the monthly free transfer, which allows you to transfer for free once every 30 days. Pay 100 Coins I do also suggest you joining our OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER (Click Here) since that's where our community hangs out and interacts with each other, discussing the game and other things, supporting each other, and so on. You can also find useful TOOLS, such as our own Reborn Bot, which shows you where each Pokemon spawns and on what map. I hope my answer clarified the topic. Please, let me know if you have any other question about the game, I will be really happy to help you. Wish you a great day !
  8. Happy to hear that you were able to solve the issue With this said, I wish you a wonderful day and I'm going to lock the thread
  9. Hello there @Rtreknais I am sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. Could you please go to our DASHBOARD and change password, making sure to use only letters and numbers without any special characters (#, @, !, etc) and let me know if your issue has been solved? If the issue won't still be solved, please add a screenshot of the error. Looking forward to your reply, have a great day !
  10. I'm happy to hear that you were able to solve the issue and can now successfully log. With this said, I am going to lock this thread and wish you a wonderful day !
  11. Hello there @Happy196 I am sorry to hear about the issue. To fix that, please go to our DASHBOARD and change password, making sure to use only letters and numbers without any special characters (#, @, !, etc) and let me know if your issue has been solved please
  12. Thread locked since user confirmed in game that this was the account he was looking for.
  13. Ehi there @Kingtero Is it possible the account you are referring to is called Kingsanchez? Seems to be the only account associated to you, with 60 hours of playtime, and that has a Charizard Mount.
  14. Merhaba, @Ayas54 Bir Pokemon'un nerede ortaya çıktığını öğrenmek için resmi Discord (Click Here to Join)'umuzdaki Reborn Bot'umuzu kullanabilirsiniz. Pokemon'un ortaya çıkışını kontrol etmek için komutlar şunlardır: ^s pokemoname = Bir Pokemon'un ortaya çıktığı tüm haritaları bulun. ^s mapname = Belirli bir haritada hangi Pokemonların ortaya çıktığını bulun Bazı örnekler: Vulpix-Alolan, Sweetslands adlı haritada ortaya çıkar. Diglett-Alolan Unison Dağı 3F'de ortaya çıkar. Marowak-Alolan Bittersweet Mağarası 3F'de ortaya çıkar Diğer yumurtlamalar için lütfen Discord (Click Here to Join) botumuzu kontrol edin
  15. Ehi there @Krisskross I'm sorry to hear about your problem, but due to technical constraints we are unable to provide any de-evolution services. Although DEVs may be able to achieve something similar through the database, there are many risks involved, which is why such a service has not been developed in the last 6 years and is unlikely to be created in the future. Sorry to disappoint you, but I hope you can understand the situation. Please, let me know if I can help you in any other way. Kind regards, - Keita/Shinohara
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