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  1. User is back, topic locked. Welcome back o/
  2. Hello there, as communicated in game one of the two Ninetales mount has been refunded and 80 coins given back. Have a wonderful day !
  3. Hi there @bmxtoo Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the delay in receiving an answer, it was lost as you posted it in the wrong section. I have moved Flareon Mount to your Silver Account, is there anything else I can do for you? Looking forward to your reply, have a wonderful day !
  4. Shinohara


    Hi there @Limit I am Shinohara, one of the Administrator of PRO and the person in charge of the Forum. I would like to inform you that the HTML(and not only) is disabled for everyone not being an Administrator (this means that this is disabled as well for the entire staff) on the forum for safety/security purposes. In fact, allowing users to use that would open us to vulnerabilities such as JavaScript Attacks, XSS Attacks, ability to hijack, use iframes to insert malicious scripts and so on. No existing forum allow users to use HTML(and not only) in their comm
  5. Hi there @Algerie31 First of all thank you for dedicating your time to looking for ideas to improve the game, we do actually appreciate when the community try to contribute by looking for ideas that could make PRO an even funnier and more enjoyable environment/game. In this case, what you are forwarding as an error on our side is simply the way Pokemon, and other games that uses this pixel/tiles system as a mapping-base, always worked. Just take any npc-house as example; From the outside the width of the house is generally 4 or 5 tiles (poorly explained but easy t
  6. You are so much original and funny that you just earned a special award called a Temp Forum Ban. If you don't like this award, we suggest to read all the Game and Forum rules in the future in order to avoid to break the rules again. Have a wonderful day
  7. The coins should be "into the shop", therefore in form of currency, and not as coin capsule. Have a wonderful day
  8. You probably missed the part where the difference between Productive and NON-Productive feedback is explained. I suggest to go back and read it.
  9. INTRODUCTION As the XMAS Event has been completely and entirely released, we would like to gather the feedback about this event. The reason we do this is pretty much the fact that the community's opinion has a really high value and impact on the game itself, and therefore it is important to consider it in order to understand if we are on the correct path in terms of what we are releasing. Feedback also help us to understand if what we release is liked, if it could have been better (and how) and in general to allow us to fix any potential error and keep improving the game
  10. Hi there @Vanic First of all Welcome back on Pokemon Revolution Online, we are happy to have you back with us! Make sure to enjoy the content released in the last years ! As for the Jet-Ski, no worry! We understood the issue and I have personally removed them and refunded you and your partner the 100 coins you used to bought them, so you can use the coins to buy another mount or in any other way! With this said, I will now lock this thread have a wonderful day and holidays!
  11. Hi there @andreal1996 Thanks for your patience, I have succesfully refunded you the 50 coins and removed you the Gyarados Mount. With this said, I will now lock the thread. Have a wonderful day
  12. Just to clarify this topic once and for all... The tournament was deleted by Host cause staff expressed disagreement when the Host decided to not allow some player to participate for what he told was flame but was (in our opinion) instead just a transparent and direct complaint (like many other did contacting me in private) about how the host was managing the tournament/considering to add/apply some rule that would have definitely ruined the tournament for everyone. Staff initially supported the event cause it was created really good and we decided to support it exactly l
  13. Hi there everyone. ( @LadyLilith tagging as thread creator) As a Staff Member and Admin of Pokemon Revolution Online I would like to clarify few things before locking this topic. First of all, I would like to make sure that you guys understand that the playtime of a user doesn't reflect the quality of his suggestion. You can have 200 hours and provide way better suggestions than a guy that has 6000 hours of playtime. Also, we do actually read and consider every single suggestion that is posted, regardless of who did it. Some things are implemented in the game, othe
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