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  1. Hi there everyone. ( @LadyLilith tagging as thread creator) As a Staff Member and Admin of Pokemon Revolution Online I would like to clarify few things before locking this topic. First of all, I would like to make sure that you guys understand that the playtime of a user doesn't reflect the quality of his suggestion. You can have 200 hours and provide way better suggestions than a guy that has 6000 hours of playtime. Also, we do actually read and consider every single suggestion that is posted, regardless of who did it. Some things are implemented in the game, othe
  2. With the addition of mega evolutions, new Pokémon like Volcanion and the incoming additons that will strike in the future, it has been decided to finally establish a dedicated group that focuses purely and solely on the PvP aspect of Pokemon Revolution Online. In this thread we will explain as clear as possible why it has been established, the objective and future plans that awaits for it, as well as answers as many questions that may arise from the public. The PvP Council is the entity in charge of managing and overseeing the competitive side of the game, looking
  3. You are not the real owner of the Pokemon, but that's the MEGA Hunt pokemon someone submitted. Have a wonderful day
  4. Hi there @Bambitto Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern. I would like to clarify that when we ask for names we do ask for the real-life name of the player. If revealing your full name can be a concern for you, you can just put your first name without any problem. It is also important to clarify that your application will be seen only by our staff members, and not by any other player. I hope that I was able to clear your doubt and help you, please let me know if you have any further questions. Have a wonderful day!
  5. Hi there @CosaNostra I would like to clarify the fact that Legendary Pokemon are used for both PVP and PVE by some people. It doesn't matter if out of 10+ legendaries only 2 are used in PVE, it's still a data to consider. Reroll Tickets were never a PVP Coin only thing exactly for this reason just stated and the fact that not everyone is skilled enough in PVP to be able to obtain any of them. Implementing your suggestion would automatically create a problem with many valid complaints as we would treat the PVE Players unfairly. Also, TOP 25 in ladder gets A LOT of PVP Coins which give
  6. Hi there @RoterShanks55 First of all thanks for having forwarded your idea/suggestion as it shows that were interested in dedicating time to try to help the game Unfortunately there is no way that we implement this kind of change on our game for two reasons: Pokemon Revolution Online is an MMO, and as any other MMO it is intended to be slightly harder than than normal games, in this case the official handheld pokemon one. We have no plans for what regard changing the chances to encounter a shiny in the wild and this is something we do not plan to change. The only situation where the cha
  7. Hi there @Norex As an Admin, and on behalf of the whole staff, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience that you, and any other user experienced with this boss' rewards. It is surely stressful and uncomfortable to win against a boss in its hard mode and get something useless for you as reward. With this said, I have personally asked our Artists to work on making the Clothes for female as well, so it will be possible to wear them regardless of your gender. Unfortunately I cannot give you an eta regarding when they will come out, however this surely has an high priority right now, wh
  8. I have forwarded this to our content scripters so they can check it. As soon as this will be checked, this thread will be updated as well. Have a wonderful day!
  9. What is the role of a Story Writer? In Pokemon Revolution Online, the role of a Story Writer is to shape the narrative aspect of the game by creating stories for main quests and story-based side quests. They will also have to write all dialogues that will support these quests. It is his responsibility to make the stories as interesting as possible while ensuring that all stories and characters remain faithful to the original lore. Furthermore, stories and characters must also be consistent with other events that may occur in the world of PRO. It is essential that a Story Writer possesses c
  10. As we talked in-game and your issue has been solved, I will now proceed in locking the thread. I'm really happy to see that your issue has been solved. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Have a wonderful day !
  11. Also, just to add as a clarification, the user already sold the pokemon 2 years ago and stopped playing 15+ months ago. Under no chance we would remove the pokemon from the one who bought it 2 years ago to give it to someone else. The thread had to be locked a long time ago, but the fact it was sold was probably not announced by the auction owner. Also, the auction itself is so old that doesn't even follow most of the current trade rules, which makes it obviously impossible for staff to enforce anything with the addition of course of the fact that a long time passed and it would be complet
  12. Hi there @AlwaysLate I just want to update you regarding your suggestion in order to not keep you unreplied. As for now you can have MEGAs as follower during the battle while megaevolved and in the first slot. For what regard doing it in general, we currently have no plans for that. This is something that has yet to be considered, but in case it will be added as a feature then we will make sure to announce it. Talking about mounts, I am pretty sure that our Artist team should have no problems on working on mega mounts in the future, however there is no eta as for when they could pot
  13. Hi there everyone ! First of all I would like to clarify the fact that we appreciate that people dedicate their time to find new ideas to forward in order to make the game better, we truly do as it means that you truly care about the game. It is good to point out that not every idea is necessarily a good one and not every idea can be developed due to technical restraints. Another good point to make is that if the major part of the community agree on a specific idea, it doesn't mean as well that it's a good one or one that can improve the game somehow. To make an example, I am pretty
  14. Hi there @Sephex First of all I would like to apologize for the delay experienced. The delay is caused by the fact that whenever players issue a request to change their name, our Game Master team has to make the proper investigation in order to make sure that the account is eligible for that by following one of our internal change-name policy. Due to that, and the fact we receive many requests, it might take a while to process each one of them. Anyway, I have personally review your account/request and accepted it, remember to use your new username to log in the game. Have a wonderful d
  15. Hi there @Algerie31 First of all I would like to state that we appreciate any sort of help and dedication toward thinking about how improve the game. However, unfortunately not everything can be done and every single idea is not necessarily a good one or possible to be realized. Pokemon Revolution is an MMO and as such it has been created with the intention to be harder than the original games. For example, this might be for the shiny rate different or for the fact of not being able to change the nature/ability of a normal pokemon outside of special events, etc. At the same time, our
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