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  1. Total money spent yes
  2. Xmas Haxorus Start 2m Min raise 200k Insta 4m 48h auction from start Accept cc 380k, rr iv 700k, nat rr 350k, rc 7k For other offers before the auction starts, pm me here or on discord - daftgenius#3502 Easter Munchlax Starts 800k Min raise 100k Insta 1.3m 24h auction from start Accept same payments as mentioned above
  3. +1 Also add sort feature for shiny/form Pokemon in PC please
  4. I'm online in game for a few minutes though
  5. Sorry I forgot that.. My tag is daftgenius#3502 Btw I tried your discord and it doesn't work
  6. I'll be available tomorrow evening Discord: daftgenius
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