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  1. I think staff should tell users name of program that caused ban. If staff didn't tell the program name, user can think that they have been banned for no reason
  2. i just throw away manaphy. It is my mistake. I don't know his poke number. Can u return my manaphy?
  3. I disconnected again (chunk )
  4. I was in boss battle (Officer Shamac), then I disconnected when I re-accessed, I was in PC and my successive win was end. I saw Walrosskastanie's announcement I think it is bug. I want to try again boss battle(Officer shamac) and get successive wins ID: laviter server: silver accident time: PM 03:30~04:00 (GMT+9)
  5. I disconnected during suspicious bot battle. I think it is caused by server issue because my friends was disconnected too. I want to get back my wins.
  6. I paid money for learning egg move. But i couldnt learn move and my money was disappeared. I finally learned move by trying again. But i spent money twice. I just want to refund my money. I add screean shot.
  7. ID: laviter server: silver accident date: 2021.08.02 12:38PM (GMT+9) contents: i got 51 suspicious wins. I expected nature reroll reward but I received 10 focus sashes. I think date change is the reason. Tell me the reason about i got the reward. Thanks dear
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